By the book: Empty school libraries get new resources, staff

“The magic of books has returned to Jack Yates High School.The school’s once-depleted library shelves are filled with novels, nonfiction, games and gadgets. Students gather to answer questions about books they’ve read as part of a campus quiz show they invented.It’s enough to bring tears to the eyes of Houston school Trustee Jolanda Jones.”Libraries are what kept me sane when I was little,” Jones said at the Yates media center rededication last week, her voice cracking with emotion. “I couldn’t afford to travel and I couldn’t go any place. And I just want for kids to appreciate books like I appreciate books. (via Houston Chronicle)

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Attorney General issues ultimatum on guns in the library

“The battle lines are being drawn in front of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library.The issue is whether you should be allowed to carry a concealed firearm while visiting the library.The sign beside the library’s front door is hard to miss. No guns permitted in this facility per state law. And that’s the problem.The state says that is not the law, and Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange has put the city on notice. They have 60 days to remove the signs or face legal action from the state.” (via

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A Quarter-Century of the LII

“I wish I could say that it seems like only yesterday… but it’s been a quarter-century.  We started the LII in 1992, just Peter Martin and I,  and, a little later, a student employee who became our first full-time sysadmin. There were 30 web servers in the world then, and I got excited when we got more than 100 page views in a day.  All those numbers have increased a lot since then — there are nine of us, and we serve as many as half a million pages on any weekday.” (via LII)

Congrats to LII!

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St. Louis City Public Library victim of ransomware attack

“The St. Louis City Public Library’s computers are not accessible to the public following a ransomware attack.Library spokeswoman Jennifer Hatton said the 700 computers throughout their 16 branches are currently down because of a ransomware attack.The exact timing of the attack is unknown, but library officials believe it occurred either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Hatton said the attackers are demanding the library pay a fee to be able to access their server.” (via

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Carla Hayden Thinks Libraries Are a Key to Freedom

“Most librarians of Congress haven’t actually previously been librarians. What’s the best preparation for this role? There have been two other librarians of the 14 total — we’ve had historians, we’ve had lawyers — but the main theme has been an interest in ideas and knowledge and a belief in that. That’s what prepares you — to have an open mind, to want to expand other people’s interest in history and knowledge. Each librarian has been almost perfect for the time that they served. I just hope that I can keep that momentum going.” (via The New York Times)

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